Both the finalists believe they can win the title

Both the finalists of the Galaxy Public School Far West Pashupati Cup are confirmed that they will claim the title in the finals that is going to happened on Saturday afternoon. Hosts Far West Pashupati and PFA Attariya are fighting for the title in the finals tomorrow. This is the third edition of the Far West Pashupati Cup.

Hasanpur Youth Club was the winner of the first edition, while Far West XI won it in second edition. The final is expected to be an interesting one. One team is the hosts, who are receiving the support of the home fans and playing well while the other defeated the defending champions in the semi finals to get into the finals. The hosts won the semifinal by a goal difference of 7 and that boosts the morale a lot for the host. PFA Attariya has two foreign players and other players having the experience of playing ‘A’ Division League. This will also boost PFA’s morale to fight for the title on Saturday.

PFA’s present captain Gazendra Shahi was the captain of Hasanpur when they won the title in the first edition. The hosts has reached finals of all edition so far and have not got the hand in the trophy and will be pretty much willing to get the title this time around. Hosts captain, Nabin Singh is confident that this time they will lift the title, whatever it may take.

The preparation for the finals are all done as stated by hosts in the pre-match conference today in Dhangadi. The total prize money of the tournament is 5 lakhs, while 5 different category of best awards in different category is also there.

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