12th SAG Players Honored With Cash; Footballer Nawayug Shrestha Claims PoY

Nepal Athletics coach and former runner Hari Bahadur Rokaya has been honored with Gajraj Joshi Aadarsha Sports Personality Award on Tuesday.

Former Finance Minister Shankar Koirala, President of Foundation Manish Joshi honored Rokaya with Rs. 25 Thousand cash during the Best Player Award distribution ceremony that was organized by Nepal National and International Players Association at Russian Culture Center.

Rokaya has also written his name in the Guinness Book. He has won the Everest Marathon of three times.

In the occasion 22 players of 12th SAG were also honored by the NNIPA. Keshab Bista, Member Secretary of NSC honored the players with Rs. 10 Thousand.

Footballer Nawayug Shrestha was declared the PoY.

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