Khwopa Hall of Fame Open Futsal Tournament kicked off In Bhaktapur

Khwopa Hall of Fame Open Futsal Tournament has kicked off at Khowpa Futsal Pvt. Ltd, LIbali-2, Bhaktapur on Saturday.

Khwopa Futsal is organizing the event which has a winning cash prize of Rs. 20,000. The runners-up team will bag Rs. 10,000.

20 teams are talking part in the championship.

The match details of the first day of the tournament are as follows:

Bode FC 1-0 Khwopa Futsal

Helping Hand Bhaktapur 1-3 Chasyal Guys ‘A’

YNWA Gunners 0-3 Khwopa Virus

Taras Group 0-13 Freaky guys

Khwopa Invicibles 2-4 Silent Shooters

Section FC 2-7 Chasyal Guys Junior

Chasyal Guys a 3-0 Khowpa Futsal Training Center

Hunter FC 3-5 Freaky Guys


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