GoalNepal, Child Reach Nepal Start Distributing Footballs To Earthquake Hit Schools

gn3_995753828GoalNepal and Child Reach Nepal have started distributing footballs to schools in earthquake hit districts.

GoalNepal.com, with the support from Biplav Gautam, handed over 110 footballs and 50 football scarfs to Child Reach Nepal. The INGO is actively working in the EQ affected region.

“We have distributed footballs and scarfs to Chilaune Secondary school, Thangpalkot, Sindhupalchowk. Students were so happy to receive footballs. They said they would play football to heal the pain of earthquake”, Program coordinator, Prateek Syangdan said.

Journalist and GoalNepal CEO Bikram Thapa expressed his happiness over the comment made by the students.

“We are so happy to hear positive comments from students. We exactly wanted this. We want our students to move forward and explore the things. Football will help them to heal the pain”, said Thapa.

GoalNepal and Child Reach will distribute more footballs and sporting gears to other 11 schools in five districts.

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