APF, Sankata Plays Goal-Less Draw In A Friendly Match

Saralahi, Feb 18, 2017 – A Division outfits Armed Police Force and CMG Club Sankata played a goal-less in a friendly match organized to promote football at this remote village of Hirapur in Sarlahi District on Saturday.

Hundreds of local gathered around the field to witness the first ever national club level friendly match held in the vicinity. Local mostly women and children watched in awe as tall and sturdy African recruits of Sankata dueled for the ball with their opponents.

The football pitch was a grazing ground before CA Member Narendra Saha by his own means converted into a football field.

“ I grew up playing here. I learnt to walk here. Earlier when I came back, I had made a commitment to construct a football ground so everybody can be healthy. With a little help from government agencies and with the saving I made from the salary I get as a CA I have constructed this ground,” said Saha during the inauguration of the field. “I know football has immense potentials in this part of the country and I want all to enjoy the game.”

Former Nepal International Ju Manu Rai and current Nepal international Aditya Chaudhary had both learnt their football basics in this ground.

Rai was later honored by Saha for his contribution to football. Former Nepal skippers Upendra Man Singh and Bal Gopal Maharjan were also honoured by Saha.

In an evenly contested match, both the teams dueled hard of the ball, but Sankata were slightly above in terms of creating chances.

Sankata’s African recruit Moussa Jone was close to scoring in the early minutes of the first half, but his header from close range was pushed to safety by APF goalie Raju Yogi.

Moussa again had a chance towards the end of the first half, but this time his was shot cleared from the goal-line by Sudip Shikhrakar.

APF coach Kumar Thapa said the match held high significance for him as it was played for a good cause.

“ Both Sankata and APF have been travelling a lot playing in mofusil tournaments. We will be heading to Dharan immediately after this. But, I am very happy to playing this friendly because it will in some way promote football in this district,”  he said.

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