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Shrestha Honored - Khel Dainik

Shrestha Honored

Dec 29, 2017

Former National Sports Council’s Member secretary and recently appointed Representative Assembly’s member Jeevan Ram Shrestha has been honored in a program on Friday, by Nepal Martial Arts Games Association. He was honored for his deeds during his time at Olympic Committee and the helps he has provided for the development of the sports in Nepal. Speaking in […]

Two Golds for Nepal in Morocco - Khel Dainik

Two Golds for Nepal in Morocco

Dec 18, 2017

Nepal has succeeded in achieving two gold and 3 silver medals in the World Marshal Self Defense Championship organized in North America, Jagora city of Morocco. According to the President of Nepal Marshall Self Defense, D B Ranapal from Morocco, Arjun Rokka defeated the host Morocco’s player to win two golds in two different events […]

India Champion - Khel Dainik

India Champion

Dec 17, 2017

India has won the title of South Asian Grappling Championship on Sunday. India has won the title by winning 57 gold medals. India became the champion in the first edition in New Delhi. Nepal became second with 38 gold medals organized by the Nepal Grappling Association. In the two-day event, total number of 595 players from Nepal […]

Jeevan bags Gold - Khel Dainik

Jeevan bags Gold

Dec 16, 2017

Jeevan Lahuri has won the gold medal in 45-49 kg event in 5th National Gorkha Khukuri Martial Arts Championship. Jeevan defeated Sansej KC in the final held in Manmaiju. The other gold medal winners are Rijul Karki in 21-25 kg, Rohit Thapa in 26-30 kg, Salon Tamang in 31-35 kg and Suman Tamang in 40-45 […]

Professional title to Anisha - Khel Dainik

Professional title to Anisha

Dec 11, 2017

Nepali player Anisha Khadka has won the title of Professional Fight in the first Kun Khemr Championship in Nome Pan, Combodia. Anisha won the title on Sunday defeating Combodian Puth Thabe in 67 kg category. She defeated Thabe in point tally out of the five round they competed for. Anisha started game in attacking mode […]

Shrestha now International referee - Khel Dainik

Shrestha now International referee

Dec 11, 2017

                            Judo’s ‘A’ Level Referee Dharma Kumar Shrestha has passed his international seminars and examinations. Shrestha, who is also the general secretary of the Nepal Judo Association, has become the international referee in Hong Kong with the passing of the examination from […]

Rahul bags Gold - Khel Dainik

Rahul bags Gold

Dec 9, 2017

Rahul Thokar Lama of Nepal has won the golden medal in the first Kun Khemr Championship organized at the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Rahul has won the gold medal while knocking out Cambodia’s Samnang Piseth in a 55-kg weight group organized on Saturday. Ganesh Lal Kashyapati, president of the Nepal National Muay Thai Association, who […]

Muay Thai team to head Combodia - Khel Dainik

Muay Thai team to head Combodia

Dec 8, 2017

In the series of First Kun Khemars World Championship, a 6-member Nepali team, along with 3 players, has gone to Cambodia on Thursday. Competition will be held from December 7 to 10th where Rahul Thokar Lama will compete in Men’s 55 kg like Salom Sada Lepcha in 71 Kg. Rahul is a gold medal of Indo-Nepal […]

Martial Arts team heads Iran - Khel Dainik

Martial Arts team heads Iran

Dec 7, 2017

The 4-member Nepalese team, including 3 players, has gone to Iran on Tuesday to participate in the second Asian Martial Arts Championship. The contest will be held from 7th to 10th December. Badri Thapa, Birman Lama and Shankar Bhujel are among the players. President of the Martial Arts Organization Nepal, Rajiv Maharjan, is the leader […]

Silat Team Off To Vietnam! - Khel Dainik

Silat Team Off To Vietnam!

Apr 22, 2017

A 11-member Nepal Penkek Silat Martial Art Association have departed for Vietnam on Saturday to participate in the Socialist Combat and Referee Seminar. The participants in the seminar are: Nabin Rai, Suresh Kumar Shrestha, Laba Shrestha, Roman Rai, Mohit Chamling Rai, Tika Ram Pande, Om Bahadur Limbu, Surendra Pakhrin, Lila Shrestha, Swodesh Rai and Ekendra […]