Organizer Universal In The Finals Of 3rd SAAT Inter-School Basketball Tournament

Organizer’s Universal H.S.S senior boys and senior girls have entered into the finals of 3rd SAAT Inter-School Basketball Tournament on Saturday.

Universal defeated St. Xavier 52-29 in the senior boys’ semifinal. Simanta Chaudhary scored 24 points for in Universal win.

In the other semifinal, Yesh Tamang scored 6 points as Amardeep sidelined Silver Shrine 13-10.

Silver Shrine lost 25-10 to hosts Universal in the senior girls. Sangita Phyual scored 14 score for hosts.

Peak Point then ousted Dikchyanta 16-10 in the other girls semifinal match.

Meanwhile, Universal confined a 16-7 win over Golden Garden in the junior boys.


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