Greenland and Golden Peak enter quarter-finals of Kwiks Greenland Basketball Cup

SEB and Greenland players in action

Hosts Greenland and Golden Peak School have entered the quarter-finals of the 12th Kwiks Greenland Cup: Inter School Basketball Competition. Greenland defeated Samakhusi Boarding School (SEB) 57-41 in the Senior Boys category. Dilip Pun Magar contributed an individual 31 scores in Greenland’s win. In the other game, Golden Peak defeated Gyan Sindhu 48-36. Gopal Bhandari scored 20 scores in Golden Peak’s win. Both teams won 2 games for each in ‘Group D’ to book their places in the quarter-finals, with one match in hand. On Tuesday, the final game between these two will determine the group winners and runner-ups. In the same category, HHCA from group ‘A’ and Lakshmipur from group ’B’ have also been able to win two games for each to book their places in quarter-finals, ahead of a game. HCA defeated Aviyan Public 45-35, while Lakshmipur School of Tokha shocked Innovative School of Sankhamul 31-24.

In the game organized at Greenland School premises in Dhapasi, SEB, Greenland, NEA, Laligurans, Manjugochha, Mount Glory, Eden Bridge, Manaslu and Odyssey have entered the knockout stage in Junior Boys category. In Junior Boys, BNA defeated Polific 16-14 while the Manjugochha stroke HHC 30-14. Odyssey stopped Kantipur with the score 10-6.

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