Preparation done for Nepal International Series Badminton

Nepal Badminton Association is planning to organize International Series of Badminton in Nepal, as per its calendar this year.\

The entire preparations for the tournament held in the courtyard of Dharathath Stadium in Tripureshwar have been completed scheduled from Poush 5 to 9. General Secretary of Nepal Badminton Association, Birendra Shrestha said,”We have completed almost all preparations for the competition. We have time to complete the spare parts remaining”.

The Federation of World Badminton Federation and Asian Badminton Federation has provided independence to Nepal in this year as Nepal has successfully completed the International Series organized last year.

This year, six countries other than Sri Lanka in South Asia, 10 other Asian countries except the Asia Asia, Chilean from North America and Australia from Oceania are taking participation in the tournament. The level of competition has also increased in the award-winning with the increase in the growth rate.

$ 6,000 was the award in the previous edition,while this year, the prize of the game is also growing at the same time as a cash prize for $ 8,000.

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