ANFA VP Karma Tsering Sherpa: Things Can’t Run Like Before At ANFA !

qANFA VP Karma Tsering Sherpa has made a bold statement after entering ANFA Complex almost after two year.

Four dissident officials, VP trio Karma Tsering Sherpa, Bijaya Narayan Manandhar, Kishor Jhapali and a member Pankaj Nembang and other officials entered the complex on Monday with much fan fare.

ANFA had reinstated them to exco following FIFA directives.  Then ANFA president Ganesh Thapa had suspended them for violating code of conduct, which FIFA now says improper.

Sherpa said, “It is not a matter of winning or losing. It is a matter of truth. We raised voice against wrong system and our voices were heard by AFC and FIFA.

“We are ready to work with everyone to take Nepalese football to greater heights but one thing is clear – you can’t run ANFA like before”, said Sherpa.

“We want transparent ANFA. We want collective leadership. We want decentralized programs for district FAs. We want our clubs to be stronger. We want our players to be financially stronger and technically qualified. We want our coaches to gain more knowlede. We want our ladies football players to reach maximum heights. We want our referees and other stakeholders to have more experience. This is possible if we work together.

“ANFA can’t run like before. We have to change the structure. We need new dimension at ANFA”, said Sherpa.

“First of all, ANFA must present “white paper” on financial situation. Even exco members don’t know much details about the finance. We must start reform process at ANFA”, said Sherpa.

“We will have our presence at ANFA from tomorrow”, he added.

Sherpa said they have filled two letters at ANFA thanking exco for the decision and asking them to set a date for general asembly, which will finalize the date for presidential election.

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